A new era of esports is now

Deriving from Swedish elite football, FALKN counts as a pioneer venturing into the world of esports. Initially attended League of Legends as our first discipline long before the launch of eAllsvenskan, which is the major FIFA league in Sweden. We were the first among clubs in Allsvenskan to enter a professional league and achieve victorious goals. Positioning ourselves within the top segment, we entered eAllsvenskan with confidence.

We believe football and esports is closely related. Two truly authentic and globally known competitive sports, with industries growing each day. Our mission is to continue develop esports in positive direction. Focusing on talent management, sophisticated approach, market establishment and corporate social responsibility, we will mark Sweden as the leading country in elite gaming sportsmanship.

Expanding disciplines

EA Sports FIFA19

We will continue our venture into the sports discpline, particularly FIFA19 and the expected successor, FIFA20. FALKN will sign an exclusive sportsmanship deal with a football club, enabling us, as the only independent esports organisation in Sweden, to compete at the highest level in the FIFA scene.

League of Legends

We will defend our title as the top contender in Sweden, while our main goal is to compete in Europa, to give a good show. Throughout the two splits, we where the most effective team with the highest win ratio. We aim to keep our position as the best Swedish League of Legends team.

Counter Strike:GO

During our initial publication, we received international recognition. At the same time, the expanding CS:GO scene with Elitserien as spearhead, it did not pass us unnoticed. With over twenty teams reaching out us, the thought of adopting the FPS discipline, was there from the start.

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Questions & Answers

Yes we will. Since only football clubs belonging to either Superettan or Alsvenskan can participate, we will continue to collaborate with Swedish football clubs in regards to this matter.
No we are not. FALKN is completely independent. We aim to collaborate with a football club as a similar concept which is identified in Denmark and the Danish CS:GO team "North", who successfully partnered up with FC Copenhagen regarding eSuperliga.
We wanted to pay tribute to our roots, and we also think the name is unique in representing our nordic heritage. As a bonus, the name can be pronounced in both local and international tongue. The english pronunciation is "Fal[ken]".