Thank you for a fantastic year !

Thank you for a fantastic year !

New chapters

Will be written

First of all, we would like to thank everyone that has been involved with our journey so far: staff, players, partners, fans, followers, friends, family and everyone else who continues to support us in our mission to become a prominent actor in the esports industry. Thank you so much for all your kind words and support. It means a lot to us in the organisation.

As the Christmas Holidays are approaching, I am looking forward to the upcoming festivities and taking a little time off. Early in the New Year, the hard work to develop our project continues.

A busy two quarters followed the official launch of our organisation in the Summer. Our management team worked day and night to ensure our success, establishing ourselves as a know professional e-sports organisation nationwide as well as in the Nordic and European regions. It is fair to say that we have made a big impact on the industry.

Every step forward was laid in line with our strategy for the half of the year, and we are really proud of what we have achieved so far, and in such a narrow time frame.

So let's summarize

The initial phase (Q3)
Mikael "Namex" Axelsson. Photo credit: Stephanie ''Vexanie'' Lindgren

– We made a direct entrance into esports competitions as our first recruited League of Legends team participated in Swedish Esports League [*SEL] Season 3.

– Moving forward successfully in SEL we managed to claim a second placement in the finals, as well as qualifying for the follow up tournament: Nordic Champions Summer 19 [*NCSUM19].

– Around the same time as SEL ended, we announced our activation of our FPS section and investment in Counter Strike : Global Offensive, revealing the complete roster lineup alongside an impressive video presentation created in collaboration with our gear partner SteelSeries. The video was well received by our newly discovered fans.

– However, the first CS:GO team was quickly disbanded due to internal problems (not worth mentioning in detail), but we released the players in good manner and proceeded in search for another roster.

– Team League of Legends entered NCSUM19 with high spirits managed to remain undefeated through a series of five rounds – taking down well established esports teams in the Nordic region such as: Celestial Gaming (NO), Copenhagen Flames (DK) and Ventus Esports (DK). Finally, we managed to win the group stage and secure a spot in the finals.

– The complete team was invited to participate physically in the finals, that took place in Dreamhack Monster Studio in Stockholm. We finished in second place in the finals and
qualified for the play-in stage in European Masters Summer 19 [*EUM].

Mikael "Namex" Axelsson. Photo credit: Stephanie ''Vexanie'' Lindgren
The next phase (Q4)
FALKN Team FIFA. Copyright: FALKN Esports

– You may have noticed from the above photo of Namex that our League of Legends team were playing in red jerseys during the NCSUM19 finals? This is because a couple of days before the finals started, we initiated an exciting partnership with the Swedish giant and elite football club Degerfors IF.

– The reason for this move was to secure our participation in the highest FIFA league in Sweden: eAllsvenskan [*eAS], which requires an associated representation of a Swedish high tier football club (Superettan or Allsvenskan).

– The collaboration is based around a retention agreement, where FALKN:s mission is to manage the full participation over the upcoming season of eAS as the club’s representatives. We sure are looking forward to that – starting Q1 2020, broadcasted on Swedish channel 9,
and the streaming platform: Dplay, owned by Discovery Networks.

– Let’s go back to our EUM participation. We entered the play-in stage humbly aware of our position in the hierarchy. We knew what was ahead, as we were matched up against well established European organisations such as: BIG Clan (DE), Rouge (EU) and Excel (UK). We were the true underdogs of the tournament. We had a really hard time trying to win, but we enjoyed every moment, and had a great time in the lime light. Our primary goal was to let the world know about our FALKN. Taking that into account, we had already won, and the split (full season) was finally completed.

– Following up on the events of team LoL, we announced our acquisition of the CS:GO team “Finalboss”, which already was ready for Elitserien CS:GO [SECSGO], through winning the leagues region qualifiers. The team would later on participate under FALKN. Through this, we reached another milestone in our development, and the pieces, to our great satisfaction, were falling in to place.

FALKN Team FIFA. Copyright: FALKN Esports
Partners & Collaboration
@erik_rgnar and @19Samuel96. Copyright: FALKN Esports

In parallel with our team operations, myself and Samuel – our Sales Manager were busy with the process of reaching out to establish relationships with potential partners. Not only are we differentiated in terms of team operations (competitions), but this applies to our market division too. Let me tell you more:

First of all, our partners are divided in two areas: endemic, and non-endemic. And about 85% of our work is about to approach the non-endemic market. What this means in context –is that we faced real challenges in persuading our prospective partners. Why is that? – Well simply by the fact that general knowledge of esports were absent, and every time we had to introduce the phenomena from scratch.

Of course, we already knew that our task would be extremely challenging, thinking otherwise would just be naive. We embraced the challenges with a truly positive mindset and passion, and we have been completely overwhelmed by how well our innovative ways of involving partners has been received!

The upcoming year looks very promising for FALKN, with a high possibility of securing, levelling up and potentially expanding our sporting operations to other disciplines. We are also looking at increasing our number of staff positions, and opening up for internships.

Do you think you have what it takes as a graphic designer, content creator, streamer or developer? Let me know and, and I will listen. It could actually lead to us having an interview, and an offer of employment.

Additionally, we are working hard in further developing our CSR areas, in which we are a leading factor. Our strategic platforms are finally ready to be implemented, and an increasing
number of interested partners are lining up behind us, eager to take part in this super exciting area.

SteelSeries, which is one among our initial collaborations will also continue over next year and we are humbled by the fact that such a renowned brand wants to be part of our family. We love you guys!

@erik_rgnar and @19Samuel96. Copyright: FALKN Esports
In future (2020)
View over Östersund's central town hall. Photo credit: Frösö Park Hotel

The upcoming schedule is already starting to fill up. In the closest proximity lies the Nordic Championship, which we understand is undergoing some revamping. First of all, we will secure our spot through the qualifiers – and who knows, we could end up in performing in European Masters for the second time.

Our CS:GO team is developing very quickly. As you may know already – we did not manage to stay in the Elitserien CS:GO, and got demoted to the regional series, where we have to qualify again. We expect to achieve this because our team possesses some amazing talent, and we truly believed in their ambition. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to develop alongside these guys, and especially keep Ziz and Chawzyyy on our roster. Big orgs read this! You are looking at the future of esports.

With regard to events apart from SECSGO, we were recently granted an invitation to participate in Supreme Masters (CS:GO) 2020, in Switzerland at the end of January. It will be super exciting to participate in this event. A group of eight people from FALKN will attend the event. During the trip, everything will be documented with video footage, and later, turned into a production (roughly 22-26 minutes) in collaboration with Light Labs Entertainment.

During the winter (early Q2), the second season of eAllsvenskan will kick-off. We are really looking forward to it. In collaboration with Degerfors IF, we decided to recruit the two professional players: Fogelgren and Tidestad, who have been well is established in the league since the first season, and they have recently showed better form, than ever before.

Another interesting development we are working on are ways to package and offer boot camps in the future. More on that will be revealed later!

Apart from the esports activities. FALKN as a company will see a transformation into a limited company. This will extend our options, as well as making our lives a lot easier moving forward. However, we are still not interested in taking in venture capital or other investors – nor do I personally believe that is something required either.

We truly believe in our chosen path, and we will stick to it. If there is something that I have learned through my years as a businessman. – is that hard work and dedication are what pays off!

And you will notice that during the upcoming year(s).

View over Östersund's central town hall. Photo credit: Frösö Park Hotel

Thank you - see you next year!

Much Love from Erik and everyone from FALKN Esports

Thank you - see you next year!

Much Love from Erik and everyone from FALKN Esports